Click on the image above for details on the American Diabetes Association's 12,30 & 63 mile Tour de Cure bike ride in Antioch, Tenn. on 3 November.

Click in the image above to read about how Fall is a great time of year to ride a bike in Memphis.

Click on the image above to read about how cycling can make you smarter & happier.


Happy Riding & Happy Halloween!


Get to know Memphis better by seeing it on a bicycle & with the cooler temperatures in the Fall, there's no better time to start riding than now.



Here's a link to a Complete List of Memphis Cyclist blog articles.
For non-cycling related news stories, check out My Memphis Matters blog.



Are you interested in commuting by bicycle in & around Memphis? Patrick Smith-The Savvy Cyclist- shares his story & his perspective of traveling to & from his home (south of Memphis) in his article "Thriving in Suburbia by Bike"


If you love to hear people talk about bikes & cycling, then check out The Bike Nerds Podcast featuring Kyle Wagenschutz & Sara Studdard.

Please email if you have any questions, comments or if you have any cycling-related stories that you'd like to share.
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Home3aWelcome to Memphis Cyclist Website

This is the home page for Memphis Cyclist. If you are interested in, or love cycling, you have come to the right place.  This home page is the launch pad to a comprehensive website for almost any issue that would be of interest to cyclists.  There is also a Memphis Cyclist blog you can check out as well. This Memphis cycling website is primarily focused on serving cyclists in the Memphis area community, but it offers news and information that could be extemely useful for both the novice or advanced cyclist anywhere. (Click here for a breakdown classification for cyclists).

Memphis Area Cycling News & Headlines

Hampline proving good for bikers/businesses
Things to do in Memphis: Some great bicycle routes you might have overlooked
Bike networks are helping Memphis build the sort of homes Memphians need
The Big Jump: Making Bicycles a part of daily life in Memphis
New bike trail offers unique panorama of downtown Memphis
The Big Jump: Making Bicycles a part of daily life in Memphis
Memphis rolls out rebranding of Riverfront trails as RiverLine
Memphis making strides in increasing transit & biking options with better infrastructure
Moore hired to steer Explore Bike Share in Memphis
Trey Moore comes home to direct launch of Explore Bike Share
Things to do in Memphis: Some great bike routes you might have overlooked
Memphis gets National USA Cycling Race
Memphis communities to get bike sharing program
New sections of Wolf River Greenway under construction
Walking (and biking in Memphis and more
PeopleforBikes Launches 3-Year Big Jump Project; Memphis named as 1 of 10 cities for it
Greenprint Summit highlights potential impact of ambitious project
Encouraging cycling, city will offer free event bike racks
Harahan Bridge's Big River Crossing draws 65,000-plus
Big River Crossing opening on October 22, 2016
Massive investments in bike structure have got people moving in Memphis
Rails-to-Trails picks Shelby Farms Greenline the Trail of the Month for May 2016
Saving/repurposing Big White River Bridge is vital for a Little Rock to Memphis bike route
Greenline extension nears completion as Perkins access project receives funding
Memphis retailer helps open community bike shop - Carpenter Street Workshop
Broad Avenue's Victory Bicycle Studio goes international
New bike map shows Memphis' growing bike system
Proponents unveil plans for 'Shelby Farms of Arkansas'
Wagenschutz, Memphis recognized as industry leader
Wagenschutz leaves Memphis to take new job at PeopleforBikes in Boulder, Colorado
Memphian to be recognized as a 2015 White House Transportation Champion of Change
Preservation of Clarendon Bridge could provide cycling route from Little Rock to Memphis
Bike Share 101 with Explore Bike Share's Doug Carpenter
Memphis Bike Share Study Aims to Take Concept to the Finish Line
Conservancy Outlines Fast-track Plan to complete the Wolf River Greenway
Wolf River Greenway to Expand to Downtown and Collierville
Wolf River Greenway to grow with segment in Raleigh area
Wolf greenway to use Epping Forest plot as part of 22-mile trail extension plan
Memphis Group Explores Bike Share Concept
Bicycle Crossing Light Planned for Hampline
Stretch of Union Ave. due revamp with Biking, Walking, Transit Upgrades
Mayor AC Wharton and Six Other City Leaders on the Payoffs of Boosting Bicycling
New Bike Map Shows City's Growing Bike System
Memphis Leaders Reverse Riverside Drive Bike Lanes
Memphis Moving Forward with More Green Lanes, Cycling Campaigns
Biking in Memphis: City Rises Out of Bad Cycle
Flexible stakes on bicycle lanes give cyclists extra security on Danny Thomas Blvd
Announcing the Memphis Bike Map
Bike Repair Stations Now Ready at Shelby Farms Park
Demographics of Cycling in Memphis
Draft Memphis MPO Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Ready for Review
How Bicycles Bring Business to Memphis & Other Cities
Shelby County Reaches Agreement with CSX on Greenline Extension
Harahan Bridge lighting has private backers
Construction Starts on Memphis' Harahan Boardwalk
Big River Crossing Construction Begins on Harahan Bridge
Big River Parkway gains Arkansas levee access along Mississippi
Big Developments Revealed for 'Big River Crossing' Over Mississippi River
Big River Crossing Proposal for Cycling Parkway from Memphis to New Orleans
Harahan Bridge Project Requesting $2 Million from Memphis
Across the River from Memphis - Plans Emerge for Eco-park in Arkansas
Memphis to Become Premier Destination for Cyclists
Biking on the Rise in Memphis
Four Mayors on Why They're Building Out on Their Cities' Bike Networks
Crossing Over Railroad, Parkway to Allow for Greenline Route from Cordova to Fairgrounds
Greenways Increasing Residential Values
Proposed Bridge Would Give Cyclists Better Access to Shelby Forest Area
Rolling Repairs: A Mobile Bike Shop Launches in Memphis
Memphis Plans to Make Part of Riverside Drive a Permanent Car-free Space
Memphis Moving Forward with More Green Lines, Cycling Campaigns
City of Memphis Releases the 2014 State of Bicycling Report
Memphis Area Transit (MATA) Reports Record Year for Cyclists
How Memphis Became a Great Bicycle City
How Memphis Became a Cycling City
Arc de Overton - Park's Bicycle Arch to Serve as Gateway
US Supreme Court Ruling Could Impact Memphis Bike Paths
Memphis Set to Debut 15 miles of Protected Bike Lanes
Mid-South Greenways Has New App Way-finding, Directions, Destinations & Amenities
Memphis is About to Build the Country's First Crowdfunded Bike Lane
Poplar Shelby Farm's Tour de Wolf Trail to Get $40K Upgrade
Tennessee Governor Haslam Awards Grant to Restore Tour de Wolf Trail System
Hampline Community Coming Together in a Positive Way with Their Website
Federal Dollars to Extend Germantown Greenway
Wolf River Greenway Part of Transportation Funding
'Zero to Hero:' Nation's Landscape Architects to Hear About Memphis Bike Lanes
Memphis Celebrates Longest Running Cyclecross Race in the Nation
Frayser Neighborhood Council Seeks Input Through Bike Lane Survey
America's 10 Best Protected Bike Lanes of 2013
Hernando Sees Bike Lanes, Sidewalks as Path to Corporate Headquarters
Desoto Parks Panel, Alliance Eye Olive Branch Trail for Cyclists as Economic, Fitness Boost
Brand New Bicycles Serve as Incentive for Perfect Attendance
Green Lane Project Starts Showing its Color
Memphian Encourages Others to Pedal Away the Pounds
Top 10 Tennessee Trails: The Locals Have Spoken
Which City Went from Worst to Most Improved for Bicycling?
Planners Unveil Latest Proposed Extension of Shelby Farms Greenline for Germantown Pkwy
Bicycling Became a Passion for Memphis Charles Finney
'Bike Man' of Frayser Gave Joy of Riding to Kids
Cycling in the City Dialogue
Memphis Announces Major Initiatives for Projected Bike Lanes
Memphis Mayor Announces Plans for 15 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes
Bike Friendly Report Card for Tennessee
Sprawling Memphis Aims to be Friendlier Place for Cyclists
'Year of the Bicycle' Sees Major Change in Memphis' Transportation, Culture
Memphis Student Feeds Homeless Through Bicycle Mission
County Commission Approves Connector Project Expenditure
New 2-Wheeled Way for Memphis
Memphis: Building a Better City, One Green Lane at a Time
Broad Connections - Bike Path Connecting Overton Park to Shelby Farms Greenline
Tunica Hoping Bike Trails Will Help Promote Region
Desoto County Sheriff Donates Land to Enhance Greenways Project
Olive Branch Will Get State Grant for Bike Path
Memphis Receives $14.9 Million Federal Grant for Harahan Bridge Boardwalk Project
Impact of Federal Grant for Harahan Bridge Project
Main Street Benefitting from Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge
Greenway Ties Memphis & Suburbs
Bike Share Program Starts in Memphis
Green Lanes Mean "Go" for More City Cyclists
Bike Belongs Foundation Selects Memphis for Fast Track Protected Bike Lanes
Memphis Motorists Adapt to Bicycle Lanes
Dedicated Bike Lanes Can Cut Cycling Injuries in Half
Shelby Farms Greenline Safer Thanks to Extra Enforcement
Memphis Outlines Bike Plans for North Parkway
Bicycle Movement Thriving in Memphis
How Bicycles Bring Business to Memphis & Other Cities
Memphis Named "America's Most Improved Bike City"
Memphis Recognized as "Most improved"
Thoughts of Swapping a Car for a Bike
Boom in Biking Benefits Everyone, Not Just Bicyclists
Healthy Memphis: Besides Pleasure, Biking/Walking Trails Lead to Significant Health Benefits
Cycling Brings Sense of Community & Accomplishment
Bicyclists Need a Way to Share Road Safely
A New Way to Ride
365 Things to Do in Memphis - # 61 Ride With Cycle Memphis
Bike Polo Finds a Home in Memphis' Cooper-Young
New Bicycle Route from Memphis to Kentucky Unveiled
"Go Jim Go!" Meteorologist - Jim Jaggers Fundraising for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
At Hope Presbyterian Bicycle Ministry, Values for Life are Along for the Ride
Bicycles, Burritos Fight Memphis' Homelessness
Taking a Sunday Spin in Memphis
Cyclists Tour of Architecture in Downtown Memphis
Cycling Tour that Has Bicyclists on a Culinary Crusade
Bike Love - Bike-to-Work Day & Bikesploitation
Teens Assault U of M Bike Riders, Steal Bikes
University of Memphis Readies Bike Rental Program
Pedal to the Metal - University of Memphis Tiger Patrol Goes Green
Memphis College of Art on Wheels Bike Parade
Ready to Ride? Here's the latest on weather: http://www.wmctv.com/weather or http://www.wunderground.com/weather-forecast/37501

Cycling Has Few Boundaries

home6aCycling is one of those rare activities that has almost no boundaries.  It can be done alone or with others, can be enjoyed by the young and old, men and women, and those who are physically fit and those who are not.  Even a physical disability does not necessarily prohibit people from riding a bike since many bikes can be made or can be modified to accommodate the rider. Here is a link to see bikes for those with handicaps and the many different types of bikes available on the market.
From the time that the first bike came on to the scene in the early 19th Century, bicycles have changed dramatically and have grown in popularity over the years.  For many adults today, they likely have fond memories of getting their first bike as a present and, perhaps riding around with training wheels, and then later, spending countless hours riding throughout their neighborhood afterwards.

Although society has continued to change with significant developments in technology communications and transportation, bicycles have remained and have benefitted from some of the advancements that have occurred.  Many bicycles can be found today that have extremely efficient gear mechanisms, are often made of durable and extremely lightweight materials, and are capable of speeds that generations before could have only dreamed of.  For more on the science on bicycles, go to: http://www.exploratorium.edu/cycling/

home7aEven with all of the improvements that have been made to bicycles, they still remain one of the few devices around that are powered exclusively by a person.  They are also one of the least expensive and one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transportation that can be found and the health benefits of cycling cannot be overstated. 
This website has been custom-made for the cycling enthusiast and, from this home page, you can navigate to a web page that features places in and around Memphis where you can ride, cycling news, local area bike shops, bike clubs, charitable causes that you can ride for, helpful tips & advice, how to get started in cycling, & read about some safety tips that you should follow.  In addition to that, in the "reading room" you'll find recommended books, magazines & websites to check out, & a webpage of the "bike laws" in Tennessee, Arkansas & Mississippi. Finally, there is a webpage for fun facts about cycling & a page that will tell you all about me.

As Memphis & surrounding areas expand their cycling lanes & trails, it will undoubtedly attract more tourists & visitors who will come to the area for that in addition to the many other attractions that the Memphis area has to offer. Just like what was said in the movie - Field of Dreams that "if you build it, they will come," Memphians too will begin to see an ever-increasing number of people coming, at least in part, to walk, run & ride their bikes on the ever expanding & growing number of trails & other such amenities that local area residents can also now enjoy alone or with their friends & family. Tourists coming to Memphis can click on the the following links to help in planning a fun-filled trip to our beautiful city by the river: http://www.memphistravel.com/ and City of Memphis.org.

To see pictures of places in Memphis from yesteryear that you can see today, visit historic-memphis.com. You can work up a good appetite from riding, so if you do, click on this link to see a list of the best restaurants in Memphis, (according to the Memphis Flyer). For additional information about Memphis, you can go to tripadvisor & for the best rates on hotels, try Booking.com. For more ideas on what and where you can go, click on this link for Things to Do in Memphis.

If you're looking to find out even more about Memphis, from the perspective of Memphians themselves, check out a list of Memphis websites that can be found at: http://memphiswebsites.com/.

To find out "the best of Memphis" in 2017 in food & drink, nightlife, arts & entertainment, media, and goods in service, visit Memphis Flyer. For another list of the best that Memphis has to offer in dining, faces, health & wellness, home & garden, nightlife, places, services, and shopping, check out the Commercial Appeal's Memphis Most 2017.

For more vacation ideas, take a moment to check out Vacations Made Easy.